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Christine at Red Mango in Bergen County, NJ – Refrigeration Repair

These guys are fast. We were forced to close for the day because we had an issue with the water cooling unit on the roof of our building. It cools our machines down, and without it we can’t make any money. I called EZ Temp at eight P.M., and the tech came within 12 hours, arriving first thing in the morning. It was perfect. He was down to earth, and so nice…It’s hard to find someone like that. They usually rip you off, when you need emergency work done. They’ll tell you something is broken when it’s not. Well we were very surprised when he said it was just a fuse! We were using the wrong one, and he fixed it in 20 minutes. We’re going to use EZ Temp in our other location now!

Bagel and Pastry Store Manager in Oakland, NJ – Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Repair

We called because we had a problem with the fridge in one of our showcases, and also with one of the air conditioners. They fixed the showcase, and I have had no problems since. The AC is probably a little bit too small for our store, but they were determined to make it work, and came in twice to solve the problem. It actually works really well right now, despite being very small. And we love the 24 hour service. EZ Temp is always there, whenever I need them.

Deli Owner in Lyndhurst, NJ – Refrigerated Showcase Repair

The showcase in our deli was making some weird noises, and the temperature was very low. EZ Temp came in, they were clean, they knew what they were doing, the fixed our showcase quickly, and it has been working perfectly since then. The service was fast, and they showed up exactly when they said they would. Very reliable.

Jason Lambrinides in Paterson, NJ – Walk-in Cooler Repair

I have been using EZ-Temp for the past ten years and would highly recommend them. From their timely manner responding to calls, to the professionalism of their work, I have 100 percent confidence that the job will be done, and done right. I recently purchased a new business, and EZ-Temp is now servicing that location as well. They are simply the best. Jason Lambrinides, Owner Chicken Supreme, Paterson, NJ Progressive Hand Car Wash, Totowa, NJ

Palermo’s Bakery in Ridgefield Park, NJ – Refrigeration and AC Repair and Maintenance

I have been working with EZ Temp for more than 10 years, and we are very happy with the service that they provide. We always look to them for any of our mechanical needs, and with just one phone call a reliable staff member from EZ Temp visits us and resolves the problem. We highly recommend EZ Temp because of their efficiency and prompt response.

Andy Pankha in Fort Lee, NJ – Ductless AC and Heat Installation

The guys at EZ Temp are very professional, and they caught a malfunction twice. They fixed problem, and did not charge extra. Andy Pankha Econologe Fort Lee, NJ

Gerry Roth in Teaneck NJ – AC, Heat, and Refrigeration Maintenance

I am very pleased with EZ-Temp. Their service is excellent and very reliable. Gerry Roth Teaneck Nursing Center, Teaneck NJ

Burger King in Fort Lee, NJ – Ice Machine, AC, Heat, and Refrigeration Maintenance

The professionals at EZ Temp are the best in the industry. They are dependable, reliable, and are simply good people to know. Burger King 1523 Fort Lee New Jersey

Howard in Emerson, NJ – Heating Tank Repair

I am a contractor that calls on EZ Temp for work involving boilers and refrigerators in the buildings which I serve. Last time they worked on the hot water tank for a local Nursing Home, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

School Superintendent in Englewood, NJ – Multi Building AC and Refrigeration Maintenance

The EZ Temp guys are perfect gentlemen, and are good business people. They are there to assist you no matter what time you call--they are available 24/7. Chris Jurgenson IV Superintendent of Elisabeth Morrow School Englewood, NJ

Ray, owner of Dunkin Donuts in Elmwood Park, NJ – Ice Machine and Exhaust Maintenance

EZ Temp has always provided high quality service, working to solve any HVAC issue that I have. They make sure you are satisfied each and every time. I challenge others in this business to be as responsible to customer as EZ Temp has been to me. EZ Temp is one of very few professional and ethical companies you can come by in this rigorous, service-rendering type of business. I have had a business friendship with the EZ Temp staff for more than 15 years. They will be there when you need them, where you need them. Being the business men they are, they understand our urgent need to get equipment that is sensitive to our operations fixed ASAP, which is most important in a fierce business environment such as ours.